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Combustible Gas Alarm with LED Display AK-202 series

Combustible Gas Alarm with LED Display AK-202 series

Model No.AK-202 series


Combustible Gas Alarm
* AC100-240V+ Backup Battery
* Japan Nemoto Catalytic Gas Sensor
* LED Display
* 12V Pulse Signal

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Combustible Gas Alarm with LED Display AK-202 series

Model No.AK-202 series

 This combustible gas alarm system will help your customer detect kitcken gas leakage and alarm in a safe level before it is too late.  Quality assurance certification with factory warranty. Your trustable choice.


Feature :

         • Detects Natual Gas, LPG, Coal Gas etc. Combustible Gases
         • Wall Mouted
         • Sound and Flash Alarm
         • Power, Alarm, Fault  Indicators
         • High Stable Catalytic Type Gas Alarm Sensor

         • Advance Microprocessor Technology
         • Auto Check Sensor Failure
         • Auto Reset After Leaked Gas Clears
         • Auto Charge Backup Battery

          • 12V Pulse Output to Drive Solenoid Valve /Electrovalve to Shut Off Gas Pipe Supply

         • Strict Calibration of Alarm Level in Gas Chamber With Natural Gas or LPG
         • 24-48 Hours Aging Tests of both PCBA and Finished Detectors

Gas alarm system technical specification:

Working Voltage

AC100-240V + 9V backup battery

Rated Power


Warm-up Time

3-5 Minutes

Working Temp. Range

 0°c ~ +50 °c

Humidity Range

10% ~ 95% Relative Humidity (RH)

Alarm Level


Alarm Reset

Auto Reset after Gas Clears


Semiconductor Gas Sensor

LED Display

Displays low battery

Displays gas concentration (begins from 2000ppm)

Indicator Information

Power: Green LED ON
Alarm: Red LED Flashing
Fault: Yellow LED ON

Display Range


Alarm Output

Sound & Flash Alarm; 12V Pulse Signal Output

Alarm Sound